Just A Crack (1)

A story that follows the life of a young girl and her quest for redemption



Ajifa thought twice about what she was about to do, is this really what she had been lowered to doing? Would this have been her life had her parents been alive to give her all that she needed?

Sometimes it became so hard to bare the burdens of the family she was forced to take responsibility for. She wanted to risk her life in an Indiana Jones adventure or even skydive or so. But she knew her place as the head of the house was more important than her love for herself right now. She needed to survive for them.

She looked around her and tried to take in the surroundings that she was sure she would soon forget. She did know however that the broken bridge of madam Bridget’s nose pressed against the window in hopes of finding something new to talk about in her “ book club” would never leave her memory.

She adjusted Efya on her hip and put Baba in front of her so she could knock on the door right in front of her.

“Tap Tap”

The door opened up and as such her life never remained the same…