Season- (with translation) Lara George

Season may come
Season may go
Oh but in time
God’s plan will surely show
Stay for a while
Stay holy like a child
Your change is only a matter of time

Hold on don’t lose faith
God has a plan for you
Seasons never change
Without something turning too
God is still the same
And his words are yea and amen
Though it tarry, wait
You are just now at the gate

Asiko re de o (Your season is here)
Asiko re niyi o (This is your season)
Mase foya o (Dont lose heart)
Mase beru (Don’t be afraid)
Mase ye (Don’t be moved)
Sin oluwa o (Serve the Lord)
Ile miran iyanrin ni (all other ground is sinking sand)
Lati iwoyi lo (From now on)
Eku ati iponju tan(Tears and distress are over)

(Repeat chorus)

O ya! O ya! (Comon, comon)
Asiko re de o
It’s your season!

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